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10.23.22 - added Favorites list to homepage
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I like all kinds of music, but my tastes usually gravitate around rock in some capacity. Favorite artists lately include Ghost, Watain, and Bonjour Suzuki.


It's actually tie between the 2014 Chinese film "Girls" and the 2004 Japanese film "Shimotsuma Monogatari", or "Kamikaze Girls" in English title. Neither movie was a masterpiece, but it feels so stinking cozy and comforting to lay back and watch them. They are both frequently watched and loved.


I love food! I think if I had to choose one, though, it'd be a warm, freshly baked bread with a bit of butter and a cup of tea.


I love Mark Ryden's work and have been a big fan for years. Last year, I recieved the Snow Yak Show postcard microportfolio and the Anima Animals book as gifts from a close, recently deseased friend. I treasure both the gifts and the last moments together greatly.


I quite like cephalopods, especially squids. Cats and rabbits are also high on the list.


Autumn! I also enjoy winter. I'm not a summer person at all; I despise the heat.


You can always win me over with a soothing dusty pastel. I also really like electric blue (Yes, hello? Moi-même-Moitié?)

TV Show

Westworld, for sure!

Welcome to my little corner of heaven. As with many other users on neocities, I long for the simplicity, freedom, and passion that make so many of us nostalgic for the "old internet". I fiddled with web design a bit as a child, but didn't have the understanding or resources to host my own website, so I'm excited to take on this little project for myself. I'll be treating this as a personal diary of sorts. I'll also be posting information on various topics, such as feminism, cats, tea, egl, embroidery... You know, all the stereotypes. I have a couple of plans, so here's a little list:

I'll probably adjust this list from time to time as I get everything set up. I made this account on a whim and am teaching myself as I go, so it'll be a slow process (p.s. hello nonnas). Please be patient with me throughout this time and I look forward to creating a space that you and I can both enjoy!

10.18.22 - I've been trying to get the diary portion of the site set up and somehow the code problems keep multiplying aaaaaa

I feel self conscious updating the neocities website constantly because I keep getting errors and I feel that I have nothing to show for my efforts. I'm certain there are simple solutions to a lot of my problems, but I get too flustered or annoyed to think rationally when things go wrong and I struggle to solve them in the moment. To be honest, I'm not new to programming in general. I've attended university and almost have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. My frustrations with programming breed a negative thoughtcycle that I develop and eventually I stick my head in the sand to avoid further stress. This is a serious flaw in myself and it's one of the many reasons I still don't have a bachelor's degree despite attending university for an extended period. Although HTML is quite different from Python, for example, I thought building this website would be an enjoyable exercise to keep myself motivated and in a programming mindset. I always wanted to build my own website, but I never put an effort towards it due to various reasons. I plan to eventually have a cozy little space set up here, but I feel that it'll be a while yet.